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Twenty years after the North American Free Trade Agreement, the once vibrant steel belt is now a large swath of rust. This body of work is an attempt to shed light onto a population forgotten in the American industrial landscape. Policies aimed at helping the crippled steel industry have failed and there is little economic incentive for the market to bring refining or production back to the Levant of the American Industrial Revolution. Instead, companies find it cheaper to ship products overseas for refining and smelting to then reimport. However, the real consequence of this is cities with a large residual population that is a shadow of its previous self.The people of this part of the country, which encompasses New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ontario and Michigan, are aging into a losing battle against steel behemoths and cities deserted by youth in search of opportunities – opportunities that they and their ancestors sought in the very place now desolate of any hope.

This body of work is part of a group project with the TLC Posse.
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